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About SAKA

Hi! We are Save-A-Kitty: Athens! A 501(c)(3) cat rescue based in Tennessee. We specialize in both local and transport adoptions up to New England. I, myself, am Moose! Chief Security Officer around here. Take a look around: if you’re interested in adopting a new friend, assisting us with a donation, or just learning more, I’m sure I can answer any question you may have.

Feeding Newborn Kitten


We are committed to matching the right cat to the right family so all will have many happy years together. Our adoption process includes the completion of an application, phone interview, veterinary reference, adoption fee and contract. The standard adoption fee for a cat is $250.

Cat in a Green Vest

Available Cats

Our cats are located in Tennessee, and are availably both locally and for transport adoptions throughout New England. We are dedicated to assuring that every unique cat has the best home for them that will be commited to them throughout their lives.

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